Sunday, November 30, 2008

About My Blog

In college I realized that I enjoyed writing but would only write if I had a real reason. Like a class assignment, or maybe a blog.

I started a job where writing was one of my chief responsibilities, and while I love my job, I don't always get to write things that fill the "I wish I would write more" void.

I starting reading some blogs and kept thinking, at least five times a day, "I should blog about this."

So that is how Whims and Inconsistencies was born. I've thought about trying to nail myself down to a topic but nails scare me (too much like needles) and I kind of like writing about whatever I want. So I do. Five days a week (mostly).

About Me

I'm Katie, 26 and live in Louisville, KY with my husband, dog, cat and fish. Despite living in Louisville and marrying a UofL fan, I am a belligerent dedicated UK fan and wants to make sure that everyone understands that my zip code has nothing to do with my NCAA football and basketball beliefs.

I like to try out a variety of domestic arts with moderate amounts of success. So far I've dabbled in crocheting and knitting, but am getting pretty handy with a sewing machine and whisk.

I knows more than one should about celebrities and will never know enough about Jane Austen (Really Cassandra, did you have to burn her letters?!).

I have never been athletic (Unless you count marching band! I was awesome at marching band!) but sometimes attempts fitness related activities like jogging (I'm going to stop calling it running until I can consistently run a 10-minute mile.) and biking (Well, once I start. Which will be soon.)