Friday, April 18, 2014

New blog!

Hey awesome people, who despite a year of inactivity, have not deleted this blog from your follow list!

I've started blogging again at a new blog called Blue Joy. I hope you'll come visit!

Monday, January 28, 2013

200 Years of Darcy

On this very day 200 years ago, my most favorite book, filled with my favorite places and characters, was published.

A few suggestions for how you can celebrate:
+ Check out this lovely, brief comic version. "Refusal for the ages" indeed.
+ Watch the Lizzie Bennet Diaries if you aren't already. (Love it!)
+ Why we named Elizabeth
+ In addition to the many film adaptions, I recommend Lost in Austen and Bridget Jones for a slightly more modern spin. 

Cheers to 200 years of Lizzie, Darcy, obstinate headstrong girls, blue coats, officers, 10,000 pounds a year, turns about the room, entailments and Mrs. Bennet's poor nerves. 

Monday, January 21, 2013

18 months

As of January 13, my little booger is 18 months old. That seems so old, yet she still can't bring me a glass of wine or vacuum. Silly toddlers.


She can walk. After taking her first step on Father's Day and some shuffling episodes in the days leading up to her birthday, she quickly put it all together and was walking everywhere soon after turning 1. Now she can even walk backwards and just the other day she managed to climb to the top of our arm chair (which prompted me to text Lee, "She has no compassion for my poor nerves.")

In September she started going to a Parents' Day Out Program two mornings a week which we both love! While she wasn't very enthusiastic about it for the first month or so, she didn't have any major meltdowns like I feared. Now she throws her arms open for her teachers when we arrive and when I pick her up I hear reports of how she is just the smiliest, happiest, best baby ever.


For Halloween Elizabeth was an ice cream cone (not a cupcake). She wasn't a big fan of her costume but she did let me snap a couple pictures. Lesson learned from Halloween shopping this year: If you wait until the last minute, you will wind up spending more than you wanted for a costume that you like a lot more than what you would've purchased to save money. So it's a win? I don't know.


In November we took two back-to-back vacations to Gatlinburg. First, a weekend getaway for our friend's 30th birthday and then a week with my parents and sister. We drove during the middle of the day every trip and E did really well. She would get a little restless and fussy, but we never had to pull over. The second trip we had my sister with us to help provide entertainment and cheddar bunnies. The best part of the trip for me was the three nights that E slept in my parents' room. Even though I couldn't sleep as is my habit now and was up reading from 3-5 a.m. one morning. Elizabeth enjoyed her first (second, and third) winery tour(s).


Christmas was pretty great. Our realtor always has an open house with a Santa for free pictures, but we had an out-of-town wedding that weekend. I was torn between paying silly amounts of money to stand in a long line and have Elizabeth break down in tears when I leave her in a strange man's lap and having the "needed" annual photo. We compromised by taking her to see Santa at our favorite toy store for a casual meet-and-greet. She was very reluctant to get even this close to Santa, so I think I'm relieved we didn't go the mall route. But my friends' pictures of their kids melting down in Santa's lap are pretty awesome. ;)

Why yes, I did craft that lopsided pot on the fireplace. An eyesore only a mother could love and display.

She was a bit more into her presents this year, although still not paying attention long enough to open one. She really liked handing/throwing people gifts.


And we have to include a picture of her in her Christmas dress! Gorgeous! Sadly I don't think we got a picture that included her champagne shrug. And she was especially opposed to shoes that evening.


Now that Elizabeth is getting older she is finally started to carry some of her weight around here. ;)  The other day I was wiping her off after lunch and the she wiped off her tray. She can also put her shoes away (A  huge help since she likes to take her shoes out of their spot and line them up on our bed.) and help carry things to and from the car.


She loves Sesame Street, reading, Zoey and Reagan, and cheese. She loves to give hugs, blow kisses and pull my hair. She can sometimes get her clothes off and is trying to figure out how to get them back on. When she manages to get her sock on her toe she gives herself a round of applause. Recently she started giving the Sign of Peace during mass, much to everyone's enjoyment. After over a year of playing with my phone screen, she now also likes to pretend talk on it and hold the phone to your ear so you can talk too. She also thinks that Zoey enjoys talking on the phone. She doesn't seem to be into using actual words, although she babbles all the time. She likes to "read" to herself and it often sounds like she's muttering spells. I'm not sure if they're for good or evil. ;) I slacked off on my attempts to teach her sign language, but she will do her own little version of "more" while saying, "Mo?"

When I'm not making burnt offerings to the toddler sleep gods or explaining again that that hurts mommy and it is not funny (Maracas are not weapons.), I completely believe that she is the bestest, sweetest little booger ever.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

One Year

Elizabeth's first birthday was July 13. Of course I'm sharing this a month later. 

My Dearest, Loveliest Elizabeth,

You are a whole year old. I'm not sure what to make of this. Part of me thinks that you should probably be at least seven by now. Are you sure you still can't use a vacuum? I look at pictures of you from a year ago in loose-fitting onesies that you have long outgrown. Was that you? How were you ever that small? Part of me longs for the days when you would spend so much time sweetly sleeping on my chest. Part of me is ready to keep powering on until the day comes when you can use a vacuum.


I feel like I'm supposed to say something about how this past year has been the best year of my life. Yet any year in which I think, "I only got four hours of sleep last night but at least it was consecutive. I probably won't need a nap today." clearly can't be the best year of my life. At least I hope not.
When you were about three months old a mom with grown children asked me, with so much joy in her voice and a huge smile on her face, "Isn't being a mom the best thing ever?!?" I don't remember what I said, but I remember exactly what I thought, "I think a glass of wine and some alone time with Hulu sounds like the best thing ever."

My dearest munchkin, this has been the hardest year of my life: learning to care for you, trying to keep up with all the things, trying to take care of myself, pushing myself through crazy exhaustion, trying to stay positive when it feels like everything I attempt is met with resistance and frustration, trying to remember that you are more important than my to-do list.

(Sometimes I think Type A people shouldn't have children. But then how could we win at parenting?)

Yet I'm getting all misty, baby girl, because I want you to know that even with the sleeplessness and the stress and the puke and the poop and hair-pulling, every second has been worth it. Just one of your smiles. Just one of your hugs. So worth it. I have spent decades dreaming of you, my darling girl, and you are perfect. Better than I ever could have dreamed.


This past year is the year my heart exploded. I love you so much. In a couple years we'll watch the How the Grinch Stole Christmas and there's this scene where the Grinch's heart grows three sizes. I can be sad/frustrated/mad/annoyed/tired/allthethings, then you look at me with your gorgeous blue eyes and smile, and my heart grows three sizes. And I squeeze you. And you squirm. Then I set you back down so you can go back to pulling Zoey's tail and eating books.

Elizabeth's first birthday

I am honored to be your mom. Seriously. And I can't wait to see what the next year brings. I anticipate more dance parties and crayons. You're so close to being ready for crayons!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

11 months

Last month's sleep drama wasn't totally resolved like I had hoped. Elizabeth would wake up at 5 a.m. and I would nurse her before putting her back to bed for a couple more hours. Well, she started trying to squeeze a couple more late night feedings and in my groggy state I'd normally go for it, thinking it was probably a growth spurt. But pretty soon she was getting up every two hours again. For two nights Lee would go to her and stand by her crib and rub her back when she would cry but wouldn't pick her up. Now we're back to sleeping until 5 a.m.! Hope this sticks. Now if only she would go to sleep for me as quickly as she does for Lee.
And she's napping in her crib more! Have I also mentioned that the sun is brighter, foods taste better and the air is sweeter?


She is cruising all over the place and getting more comfortable standing on her own. She's so close to walking but we'll see how much longer she keeps holding out. 

She loves to wave and give high-fives. The way our bedroom is set up, the bed is right across from a mirror so you can see yourself when sitting on the bed. I usually feed her in our bed and once Elizabeth is done eating she likes to stand up and wave at herself. It cracks me up! 

I've had a difficult time coming to terms with this, but it appears that Elizabeth is no longer giving kisses. She's just biting my face (arm, shoulder, fingers...). Now to figure out how to get her to stop. 


Elizabeth has spent the past couple months often picking at her food, if eating anything at all. This is really frustrating because A. I spent time to prepare that and B. Zoey's tongue isn't as effective at cleaning the floor as I like to think it is. We've been taking the baby-led weaning approach and I don't know how many times I've read, "My 9/10/11/12/13-month old just wasn't interested in food and then one day it clicked," but I've still been paraoid that I would be the main source of nutrition for my two-year-old. (I'm totally fine with the idea of nursing a two-year-old, just not 6 times a day.) The past couple days though it seems that she's really clicking with the solids. Some favorite foods are watermelon, tomatoes, and edamame. You can also never gone wrong with Cheerios. And she loves water! Now if only the sign language wound kick in. It would probably help if I signed more often than 40% of the time. 


Elizabeth loves to dance which is the most precious thing ever. (Okay, everything she does that isn't whining, refusing sleep, pooping, peeing, spitting up, biting, hair pulling, collarbone pulling and resisting diaper changes is the most precious thing ever.) We used some rattles as tambourines and had a Call Me Maybe dance party. We like the Jimmy Fallon version best. 

Monday, June 18, 2012

10 months

There's been a lot of sleep stuff going on this month. To recap, Elizabeth slept as perfectly as one could expect for her age, and by around 4-5 months, would sleep 10-12 hours stretches. Oh the joy! Then she quit that. It was gradual, but the next thing I knew she was waking every 3 hours and I was super sad. Then this month we had a couple nights where she woke up every. 45. minutes. There was much distress. So I got a book called Good Night Sleep Tight (I think.) and it suggested we beef up her bedtime routine, separate nursing from bedtime, put her in her crib drowsy but awake, and then sit by her side and intermittently pet her if/when she cries. She cried for fifty minutes. Every 5 minutes or so I would rock her. Once she finally fell asleep I cried for fifty minutes. We weren't really letting her cry it out, but I still felt horrible. However, the next night I put her in her crib a bit drowsier and she went to sleep in under 5 minutes and the next thing I knew she was sleeping longer and longer stretches. Hallelujah!


She has four of the most adorable teeth. As long as they're not digging into your flesh. 

She will pull up and let go and stand for several seconds before sitting back down.


Her stubborn personality is starting to come out more and more. Diaper and costume changes are getting squirmier and squirmier so one night I gave her a cloth wipe to play with. She immediately put it back in the basket and pulled a handful of cloth wipes of her choosing. That's my girl! 


In my-baby-is-a-genius news, she can put smaller cups into bigger cups. 


The highlight of the month for me, and I'm sure for Elizabeth too, was running my first 5K. I had quite the cheering section. 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

9 Months

Nine months! My darling girl has been in for as long as she has been out. I spent so much of her inside time thinking about how glorious it would be to finally have her on the outside. I did not enjoy being pregnant. At nine months outside, might be nice to have her back in for a couple days. ;)


On her 8-month birthday (It's that confusing thing where her nine-month post is a reflection on the time that she was 8 months old.), Elizabeth pulled up for the first time, and has been doing that repeatedly all month long. Now she's figured out cruising and zips along the furniture. Zoey is finding it increasingly difficult to hide.


In addition to putting all things in her mouth, she's learning to stick her tongue out. She often sticks her tongue to aid in concentration.



She enjoyed her first St. Patrick's Day and her first Easter. The Easter Bunny brought her some Indestructible books and froggy friend.


The big adventure of the month was surviving the UK vs. UofL Final Four game and the eventual victory by our beloved Wildcats as they became 8-time national champions. It was gr8!


Other big 9-month firsts: first bubbles, first trip to the park, and first teeth began to break through.