Thursday, June 28, 2012

11 months

Last month's sleep drama wasn't totally resolved like I had hoped. Elizabeth would wake up at 5 a.m. and I would nurse her before putting her back to bed for a couple more hours. Well, she started trying to squeeze a couple more late night feedings and in my groggy state I'd normally go for it, thinking it was probably a growth spurt. But pretty soon she was getting up every two hours again. For two nights Lee would go to her and stand by her crib and rub her back when she would cry but wouldn't pick her up. Now we're back to sleeping until 5 a.m.! Hope this sticks. Now if only she would go to sleep for me as quickly as she does for Lee.
And she's napping in her crib more! Have I also mentioned that the sun is brighter, foods taste better and the air is sweeter?


She is cruising all over the place and getting more comfortable standing on her own. She's so close to walking but we'll see how much longer she keeps holding out. 

She loves to wave and give high-fives. The way our bedroom is set up, the bed is right across from a mirror so you can see yourself when sitting on the bed. I usually feed her in our bed and once Elizabeth is done eating she likes to stand up and wave at herself. It cracks me up! 

I've had a difficult time coming to terms with this, but it appears that Elizabeth is no longer giving kisses. She's just biting my face (arm, shoulder, fingers...). Now to figure out how to get her to stop. 


Elizabeth has spent the past couple months often picking at her food, if eating anything at all. This is really frustrating because A. I spent time to prepare that and B. Zoey's tongue isn't as effective at cleaning the floor as I like to think it is. We've been taking the baby-led weaning approach and I don't know how many times I've read, "My 9/10/11/12/13-month old just wasn't interested in food and then one day it clicked," but I've still been paraoid that I would be the main source of nutrition for my two-year-old. (I'm totally fine with the idea of nursing a two-year-old, just not 6 times a day.) The past couple days though it seems that she's really clicking with the solids. Some favorite foods are watermelon, tomatoes, and edamame. You can also never gone wrong with Cheerios. And she loves water! Now if only the sign language wound kick in. It would probably help if I signed more often than 40% of the time. 


Elizabeth loves to dance which is the most precious thing ever. (Okay, everything she does that isn't whining, refusing sleep, pooping, peeing, spitting up, biting, hair pulling, collarbone pulling and resisting diaper changes is the most precious thing ever.) We used some rattles as tambourines and had a Call Me Maybe dance party. We like the Jimmy Fallon version best. 

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