Thursday, March 25, 2010

Full as the Moon

"'It looks like a circle,' I said. 'Love is a circle, full as the moon.'"
- C.B. Christiansen's I See the Moon

I think I first read C.B. Christiansen's I See the Moon when I was in middle school. It was my favorite book until Pride and Prejudice stole my heart away. I hadn't read I See the Moon since then, but I picked it up a few weeks ago and I still love it.

I can promise you it's a wonderful book because even though it had been over a decade since I last read it, I could still remember some scenes so clearly. Although I must warn, I cried through pretty much the entire thing. Thankfully it's only about 100 pages. And it's more bittersweet than sad.

image: Anindo Ghosh


Anna said...

Oh wow, I've never read this! Will have to add it to my list :)

Happy weekend xo

Katie said...

Thanks Anna! I hope you like it!