Wednesday, May 4, 2011

No More Frustrations (ish)

I was grumpy last night. After making Lee listen to my list of grievances, I felt it was time to whine to the Internet. I wrote the post, complete with a picture of a grumpy lolcat. In the spirit of good juju or whatever, I did conclude the post with things I'm thankful for, but the bulk of it was whinewhinewhine. I set the post to publish this morning.

Once the post was finished though, I had a pretty good night. I was productive and figured out some tricky web things that had been giving me trouble. I asked Lee for help but he was about 2 seconds away from sleep so obviously not interested and promised to help me tomorrow and then I went on to solve the problem on my own. Three cheers for me. There is much celebrating when I solve my own technical glitches.

Then I woke up to some very bad/very good news. Like "Something pretty crappy and scary happened, but everyone is okay, including my loved one." After a few tears of fear and relief and me chanting "prayers prayers prayers" in my head because that was all the eloquence I could muster at the moment (God is quite familiar with my general lack of eloquence though so that's cool.), I didn't really feel like listing my grievances anymore. They were lame.

So instead, here is a happy lolcat. My favorite lolcat ever to be exact:

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And here is my list of my things I'm thankful for, because they are much more important (although occasionally trivial), more wonderful and more plentiful than any of my grievances.

+ Saw the midwife this week and Elizabeth is healthy and lovely. I was reminded at least twice of why I absolutely love my midwife and why this is one decision I feel 100% wonderfully certain about. (Unlike nursery colors. ;) )

+ I think we're only a few episodes away from Castle and Beckett finally getting together. Or at least kissing. I'm calling it for the season finale. About time, but I'm always a sucker for the will-they-won't-they fictional relationships.

+ My friend's bachelorette party was this weekend which pretty much meant slumber party at my place which was awesome. I miss having girls around to swap clothes with and stay up until 5 a.m. fretting over life's decisions that cannot possibly be solved at that time of morning, especially when tipsy (not me of course), but oh how we try. I pretty much have the best friends ever. Just saying. And best husband, who kindly helped me drive everyone to and from the bars and let us blare rap music and giggle and stay up late talking when he wanted to go to sleep.

+ I finally got some slip covers for the couches and will post pictures of them soon. I need to get them ironed which means I need to buy a steamer and we're about to do some other projects so I figure we'll just wait for the big reveal. But I don't have red couches in my green living room anymore! Thank goodness!

I hope you have many more thankful things than grievances today. If you're going to be grumpy about anything, may it just be Miley covering "Smells Like Teen Spririt". (Sacrilege!) She should really keep it to "Party in the USA", because that's...umm...maybe one of my favorite songs. Although most of the credit for that goes to this video:


Han said...

Elizabeth - glad it all went well :) Glad you got a lovely midwife too - my friend says it can make all the difference :)

Castle and Beckett - but they didn't they kinda kiss in that episode where she was pretending to be drunk before beating the security guard/bouncer man? Yes me and my Mum love Castle and watch it pretty religiously lol.

Katie Earley said...

But that was just playing a pretend part to keep their cover. Doesn't count. I think they'll romantically kiss soon. I don't know if the episodes you're seeing in the UK are delayed or anything, but in the episode where they go to LA (which aired this week here) there was a definite moment. It was very exciting!