About Me

I'm Katie. I live in Louisville with my husband, Lee, (since 2008) and my daughter, Elizabeth, (since 2011). We have a dog and a cat who shed too much.

I work at home part time as a virtual assistant, so I can spend my days wearing yoga pants and joining Elizabeth for her afternoon naps.

I am strongly in favor of Jane Austen, Arrested Development, Parks and Rec, UK basketball and football, homemade chocolate chip cookies from the Nestle Tollhouse recipe, Friends (both the people and the TV show), Jesus, the Catholic Church, trying to be a good hippie, naps, sewing, reading, When Harry Met Sally, and my iPhone, thought not necessarily in that order.

I am strongly against throwing food on the floor, UofL athletics, mean people, slow Internet speeds and waking before 7 a.m.