Tuesday, March 29, 2011

25 Weeks

We're over halfway through the pregnancy which is all kinds of exciting and horrifying at the same time!

25 weeks

I definitely look pregnant now which is fun. I'm not too big, but just big enough to definitely not look fat or bloated.

Our last Bradley class is this Thursday, which is bittersweet. I'll miss class, but our teacher said I could come sit in on the next round of classes up until birth if I want to. I'm kind of wishing we had waited for the next round of classes but I was afraid I might go into labor before they were over. Now I'm afraid I'm going to forget everything by July. I'm sure it will all be fine, and our Bradley teacher is also our doula so all the knowledge will be right there with us.

I've started to feel Elizabeth move daily which is wonderful! After months of always wondering if she was still in there and doing okay, I love the reminders that's she's alive and well. Lee hasn't been able to feel her move yet but that should happen in the next few weeks.

We survived registering this weekend! It was fun but by the end of it we were both exhausted. I think we got to Target around 3:30 and left Babies R Us around 7. There were some follow-up hours of my questioning our decisions once we got home, but overall the day was a success.

All this March Madness has been rather stressful for me so I don't know how much Elizabeth has picked up on that. Lee has wisely recommended that jumping isn't the best way for me to express my joy at the moment so I've started bouncing a bit in place with my feet always on the ground. Or just biting my fist while fighting back tears of joy. FINAL FOUR!!!!!!!!

I have about seven fabric swatches lying around from which I hope to pick the fabric for the curtains, bumper and crib skirt. I think it's going to be pink and yellow in the end, although I'm not ready to commit 100%. There are still some blue and peach possibilities floating around.

Our next midwife appointment is Thursday. Yay for hearing Elizabeth's heart beat!




Stefanie said...

You look fantastic - and definitely pregnant! ;) I love yellow in a baby's room - makes me think of the whole safari theme that some parents go with.

Katie Earley said...

Thanks Stefanie!

steph anne said...

Has it really been 25 weeks!?!! I swear pregnancies go by so fast! I can't wait to see what you do with Elizabeth's room! :)