Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My Four Rules of Bracketology

Note: Several of these rules are based on my personal team loves and hates, so you can adapt them to fit your team preferences. I will attempt to not judge you for you these preferences. Also, my bracket has never won, but I did come in third last year.

1. If remotely feasibly possible, always pick UK to win it all. (Yes, it is very feasible this year.)

2. Try to find a feasible, quick exit for Duke, Tennessee and Louisville, because they're evil.

3. If your husband is a Louisville fan, pick them to win at least one game (if plausible) as a kindness to him.

4. Pick the local under dog for at least one game. In my case, this is normally Western Kentucky, Murray State or Morehead State.

Unfortunately, rules 3 and 4 are going head-to-head in the first round this year. I'm think I'm going to have to pick Morehead. ;)


Amy said...

1. Tony LOVES this.
2. Tony and I have UK going all the way (naturally).
3. Go Morehead State!

Han said...

I never realised it was so complicated lol. I join in a fantasy "soccer" game for the World Cup - I got about 10 out of like 90 available points or something silly like that but it was good fun trying to work out who should win (and then who actually did win lol)

Ginny said...

Nice call on Morehead! Hope the rest of your bracket is as prescient.

Rebecca S said...

Hah. I was thinking about you with the Morehead win!

Katie Earley said...

Umm...yeah, the rest of the bracket hasn't gone so well so far. I normally pick Gonzaga because their name is awesome even though I can't pronounce it, but had heard good things about St. John's. I'm never picking against Gonzaga again. Unless they play UK. ;)