Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hair Psychology 101

Over the years I have realized that my hair style tends to operate on a growth-chop cycle that takes roughly 2-3 years to complete. Most significant cuts tend to coincide with various major life events. For example:

For 6th grade graduation (Where I grew up 7th grade was when you made the big move to middle school.) I got contacts and lost several inches of hair.

Freshman year of high school I had my first boyfriend and my first nasty breakup. I celebrated the discovery that I deserved better with a new haircut.

I graduated from high school, saw Sliding Doors and made a bad choice. This is when I learned that having Gwyneth's haircut doesn't mean you will look anything like her.

Senior year of college is a bit of an anomaly. Fortunately I went to a college where donating your hair to Locks of Love was the cool thing to do, (Well, so was beer pong so don't give them too much credit, but they are a wonderful institution.) so I just did that out of the kindness of my heart. And most places will give you a free or discounted hair cut for donating. ;)

In 2008 I returned from my honeymoon and decided to test Lee's love by making another donation to Locks of Love. Fortunately, he stuck around. (Yes, Lee is one of the 97% of men who prefers my hair long, but copes very well with my tendency to whack it all off.)

I think there's something about fresh starts and new hair cuts that just go together. I also think that it has something to do with my tendencies to play it safe. I'm not much of a risk-taker and while I really do think that's totally fine, there is a tiny part of me that wants to rebel. I'm not sure from what, but something in me wants to go "crazy" every once in awhile and that generally results in dropping enough inches of hair to no longer have a ponytail.

So here I am, about to have my first baby. All this to say: I cut my hair. I like it.


hannah said...

I think I could have also written this! I do the same thing and before both my babies cut it off. I think this is because after they are born you grow it out again to pull in a pony tail so they can't pull it once they find their hands! My husband also likes my hair long, but deals with it when I cut it off.
Your cut is super cute and looks great!

Han said...

It's different to see you with short hair but I like it :) Yummy Mummy to be!

Ashley Colagross said...

I love it!

Amy said...

I LOVE it! I know what you mean. I love a good hair choppin' ever once in awhile.

Julia Leist Adams said...

You look lovely! I love your hair!

Catie said...

I LOVE it!

Dawn said...

Katie, I think you and I are truly related somewhere far back! Except my hair grow-out/chop-off cycle is about 12-18 months! I'm about to hack it off again when I schedule an appointment next week!

If it is worth anything, I said that my biggest regret was chopping my hair too-short-for-a-ponytail right before Sam was born, BUT that was also when I straightened my naturally-curly hair. Now that I've embraced the curl, it will be easier shorter than it was when I styled it so much.

You look super cute, Mama! Now....when can we see this well-thought-out, crafty nursery?? :)

Jamie said...

Cute cut!! My hair psychology is directly related to meteorology. When temperature hits 95 3 days in a row, I cut it.

Katie Earley said...

My logic was that, if I only like my hair when I take the time to style it, I might as well have less to style, even though I'm losing the ponytail. So hopefully it will work out okay?! We'll see. ;) And I really hope to have the nursery plans up this week! *fingers crossed*