Monday, June 6, 2011

The Nursery Plans!!

*drum roll*

After much debate and purchasing of fabric swatches and pinning of various inspirational photos, I am ready to reveal the decor plans for Elizabeth's room, a.k.a. 500 things Katie thinks she is going to sew in the next 5 weeks.

Here is her room before and where it stands today. (Special thanks to my dad and Lee for getting it painted while mom and I went to a shower and ate cake. Yummy yummy cake. And I brought home tons of fabulous baby things. If Zoey did not shed so much, I probably would have already tried out half of it on her. I'm sure Zoey would love to ride in a baby swing while wearing a sundress.)

I wasn't a huge fan of the shade of pink the previous owners had chosen, not to mention the 500 nail holes that needed to be filled, so I went with a khaki. The blue box in the bottom right corner are the new blinds we'll be putting up because I hate the pink fabric ones. (We're actually replacing all the fabric blinds. They were so tricksy to peek out of.) You can see the random miscellaneous pile of Rubbermaid tubs that have been living in here since we moved in that we still haven't found a home for. Also note the adorable llama painting in the glider from a very talented friend. Adorable! What little girls' room doesn't need a llama?! Love it!

In case you're curious, the crib is the Alpha crib by DaVinci, chosen for it's real wood and non-toxic finish. Because I'm paranoid, the crib mattress is organic. The glider is a hand-me-down. We're still looking for a white dresser that can double as a changing table with some extra room on top to store diapering supplies.

I'm planning on recovering the glider and making the crib skirt and bumper. I've got the fabric for it, so now to find the time and courage to proceed. None of it should be that tricky, but I'm still nervous. And the picture didn't turn out super well, but the flowers on the crib skirt are coral and yellow.

A few other projects include decorating white, floor-length curtains (with black-out panels) with pink and yellow yo-yos (like this) and brown buttons in the center, sewing little baggies to organize Elizabeth's stuff in my purse, and making some cloth wipes.

My hope is to take one day next week to do nothing but sew, sew, sew. It sounds splendid. Sadly I haven't spent any significant time with Laura my sewing machine since Halloween (Things I can tell you now but couldn't tell you then: That was the day we found out we were pregnant!).


Indya said...

Looks great! I can't wait to see the finished product. You can do it!

Jamie said...

Although I don't follow these own rules in my own home - I adore neutral walls with punches of color. Can't wait to see those yo-yos!

Katie Earley said...

Thanks! I can't wait to see what you guys do for your little peanut! I hope things are going well!

Katie Earley said...

So far, besides the nursery, we've painted every room a shade of blue or green, but 90% of my bookmarked ideas are shades of white and khaki. I don't know what's up with that. I guess I'm afraid to rely on the khaki too much and be "boring", but I love the crisp cleanness of it. And it's less scary to bring in bold colors in your curtains, pillows, whatever than on the walls.

Kimbrough said...

The good thing about neutral walls is that you can change the wall art and curtains and change the entire look of the room without having to move everything and paint. And when I say "you can change..." I don't mean me. I'm not good at that stuff!

Sarah said...

I love the flowers on the crib skirt, and the way the room brightened with its paint job. You are so creative, it looks great!