Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Garden FAIL

Remember when I planted a garden? Even though all previous plant experiences had been a bust? Even though I was very pregnant and only about to get more pregnant? Even though I was about to get very distracted by a co-dependent tiny human? Yeah, that didn't end well.

I've gotten a few cherry tomatoes out of it and one pepper. While this is pretty much a 4x4 disaster zone (Like so much of the rest of our yard, but that's another story.) at least it's a start. I'm really optimistic that next year I will try again. And maybe someday I'll keep up with my garden for a whole summer. Maybe even a fall planting. I'll take it one summer at a time.

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Amy Jackson said...

Take heart. You are not alone. The previous homeowners planted tomatoes, squash, and watermelon and it's not pretty. However, it's possible that some of your plants will re-seed themselves for next year!