Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Two Months

Elizabeth is two months old!

She is getting smilier everyday! I'm loving it and everyone just swoons when Elizabeth smiles at them. She's gurgling and smiling at Lee right now. So often I look at her and get U2's "The Sweetest Thing" stuck in my head.

Today we started wearing size 2 diapers. We wear cloth most of the time (see above) but use disposables when it's laundry time. (E's about to grow out of her prefolds and we need more covers anyway, but I'm toying with switching to pockets and being ridiculously indecisive about it. Feel free to advise.)

After trying to get some tummy time photos today -- she hates being on her stomach unless she's on me or Lee -- she started to cry and I rolled her back and kept snapping. I want to remember everything, even her wails and tears.


She calmed down quickly. She's a pretty happy baby most of the time, but we have our teary moments. And our moments where we fluctuate between happy and sad every few minutes.

Her head is getting pretty strong and sturdy. She's watching things move; she watches me. She's kicking and squirming more and more, becoming more resistant to being in her Moby wrap at times. Before too long we'll be able to keep her legs out of the wrap and I think she'll like that. She gets more beautiful and perfect everyday. I was always so afraid that I wouldn't handle her growing up well, and while I often want to just keep her in this tiny, snuggly state, I'm also so excited to see what the next month brings.


Rebecca said...

Love the ruffly onesie. Happy 2 months to Elizabeth!

hannahammonds said...

I love pockets!! A little more expensive than prefolds, but now that she's getting bigger they will last until she doesn't need them anymore and they are so easy, especially for people like babysitters, grandparents, etc who are not familiar with cloth.
She is so cute! If I wasn't already pregnant I would totally be wanting another baby after looking at the pictures. :)

Katie Earley said...

Thanks Hannah and congrats on your new little nugget!

Katie Earley said...

It looks like a shirt I would actually wear which is a quality I appreciate in baby clothes. I can only handle so many pink ruffles and bunnies. ;)

Jamie said...

Love that pic of her gorgeous tear-y eye... She's just scrumptious!