Thursday, May 7, 2009

Grey's Anatomy Season Breakdown

Season 1: What is this amazing new show!?!
Season 2: Brilliant! Brilliant! Brilliant!
Season 3: Umm...when Denny died I think he took a piece of all that is good with him.
Season 4: Watched only out of habit. Missed a few episodes because I barely cared.
Season 5: Cried like a baby every single week. Not kidding. First it was sad patient stories, now it's Izzie dying stories.

I've started watching Grey's before The Office so I can end my night smiling and not sobbing into husband's shoulder, blubbering pathetic crap.

*sigh* Here's to the simpler times...


thegamerswife said...

Your recaps of the seasons is EXACTLY how I've felt about the show. Last Thursday I sobbed away, much to the horror of my husband, who I roped into watching it with me. I can't imagine how much the waterworks will be with the finale!

WhimsAndInconsistencies said...

During the commercial break between when you knew Alex and Izzie would get married and the actual wedding, I went sobbing into the bedroom and barely managed to squeak out something like "Can you please take a break from CounterStrike and watch the last minutes of Grey's because I need to be held while I continue to sob ridiculously."