Monday, May 4, 2009

Explaining My Issues

Last week I posted about how I waste my time doing things that really, if I think about it, I probably don't want to do. I don't want to play as many computer card games as I play. I don't even want to Facebook stalk as much as I Facebook stalk. However, these things tend to suck my time away by their magical powers.

Actually though, there are no magical powers involoved in this. It's all in my brain. I love it when science prooves that there are reasons for my nonsense. And apparently, with practice, I can fight the magnetic draw of Facebook and spider solitaire. For help fighting your own battle against lame distractions, read this.


Pin said...

i began the article, and then promptly got distracted by youtube. :-/

VA said...

This Slate writer is having the same problems you do with Google Reader: too much, too often. It becomes an obligation rather than a pleasure.

This is why I'm scared of TiVo - if I miss a show now, I miss it and it's over, but if I go to the trouble of recording it I would feel obligated to catch up.

WhimsAndInconsistencies said...

I have been able to successfully separate myself from Google Reader lately. Only reading when I want to, what I want to, and "Marking All As Read" when necessary, regardless of if they have been read. It's been working well. I do like how Google Reader lets me categorize sites, mark and categorize favorites (especially when it comes to recipes, craft ideas, decor ideas) and provides an excellent way to search the sites I love.
TiVo is also amazing, but I have several "must see" shows so I enjoy never missing them because they switch nights, I get caught in traffic, etc.
I support RSS feeds. They definitely do tend to create feelings of obligation, but I just keep reminding myself it's not an obligation. Similar to how I keep reminding myself that the bees living under my steps will not sting me. Will not sting me. Will not sting me...
I have more success with the RSS mantra.