Monday, September 27, 2010

An Act of Kindness

The first thing you should know (in the interest of not being dooced) is that I work for a wonderful company, filled with wonderful people. But inevitably, you have a bad day. I share an office with two other coworkers, so when one of us has a bad day, it's not a secret. Especially since the three of us also suffer from tendencies to talk to ourselves.

So I had a bad day. A project was taking way longer than expected to finish and the program I was using was running ridiculously slow. In addition to the moral support given to me on that bad day, the following week one of my coworkers brought me flowers. So so so so so sweet of her.
Please notify me of any good gluten-free desserts you know of since clearly this act of kindness deserves something in return (and coworker has gluten and soy issues).


Han said...

Thats so fab!! Rock on!

Katie said...

Thanks Hannah!

stefanie said...

Your coworker rocks! :)