Thursday, September 16, 2010


+ Our big housewarming party was a success. Having 40 of our friends and funny running the house was overwhelming, but it's always nice to have so many of the people you love in one spot. Especially if there's beer and corn hole.

+ September 6 was our second wedding anniversary. Sadly, our dinner and a movie plans were disrupted by a plumbing situation (We spent the next four days living by a "If it's yellow let it mellow" policy. Boo. But now we have a plumber that we like so call me if you need one in the Louisville area.) so we opted for Arby's and Netflix instead. Tomorrow night is the fourth anniversary of our first date so something nicer than Arby's might be in order.

+ In addition to the plumbing meltdown, our dishwasher is a fire hazard and no longer in use. The fire hazard was located while someone was trying to fix the dishwasher's leak for the fourth time. Fortunately (and unlike the plumbing situation), this is covered by our home warranty. Now if I can only decide on a new dishwasher.

+ Despite the past two items, we've reached our savings goal to get rid of the blue carpet in the living room and dining room and get some hardwood floors. Now to specifically pick the floors.

+ Lee's sister is engaged! *happy dance*

+ In two months and two days my cell phone contract will be up and when I renew I'm getting an iPhone 4 to replace my boring, not-cool, normal phone. I'm ridiculously excited. Please send app suggestions. Specifically I'll need a good Twitter app and a good note-taking app and perhaps a separate grocery list app.

+ It's college football season, the sport world's tasty appetizer before the main course arrives. The main course being college basketball of course. Go Cats!

+ I've been playing with my blog layout (again!) so if you're reading this in a reader and you haven't actually visited lately you may want to.

+ I just discovered this last night and kind of love it.


Jamie said...

So much news! Since I don't know much about home maintenance or being engaged, I will stick with apps. First, congrats on the phone - I heart it in the worst way. Here are my faves:
- Tweetdeck (for Twitter)
- Evernote (for notes)
- Words with Friends (for mindless competitiveness)

Katie said...

Thanks for the suggestions! I'm also looking forward to Words with Friends very much. And the tilt shift app. And the other iPhone magics and wonderment.

VA said...

There a Stephen Colbert "The Word" app for when you're killing time and need a good laugh.

VA said...

There a Stephen Colbert "The Word" app for when you're killing time and need a good laugh.

steph anne said...

Home maintenance sucks and I'm always worried that something will break after making a big purchase.

Glad to hear your housewarming party was a hit and I miss playing corn hole! I should buy one or have Tyler make one...mmm!

Katie said...

Ginny – That sounds like a wonderful app.

Steph Anne – I'd try to make the corn hole boards. I don't think it's that hard and quality ones can be ridiculously expensive. ($200+)

Dawn said...

I'm counting down the moments until I get an iPhone when we move down South and get rid of our northern numbers. I can't wait! I hope you like yours...pass on any recommendations or good experiences with fun apps!

Katie said...

Will do, Dawn! I'm sure it's the only thing I'll talk about for at least a week. I've already told Lee he can expect to be ignored for at least a couple days. I might have to make him up a stash of ham sandwiches before I get it. ;)

stefanie said...

I am so jealous that you had a housewarming party! I won't have one since we don't know a soul in this town! :( Pretty sad but that's military life!

Katie said...

Stefanie, I'm sure if you offered some free beer and hot dogs and invited the neighbors over you could make some friends. ;)