Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I Guess I'm Just a Mediocre Harry Potter Fan

I'm ashamed to admit it, but I haven't seen the new Harry Potter movie yet. I am going tonight though, with my Gryffindor scarf. And we're getting Indian food beforehand, which is popular in Britain so relevant to the whole theme of the evening, right? 

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The last few movies I have gone to the midnight premiere, even taking a half-day off work the next day for some extra sleep, but this year I just couldn't muster the strength for a midnight showing. I guess I'm getting old. That and the whole part where they're hanging out in the woods was pretty boring in the book so I'm not sure how much I'll really like this movie, although I've heard wonderful things about it.

I am fairly determined to make it to the midnight premiere for the final film though, since it's well, the final film. *sniff sniff*


Han said...

We went to see it yesterday what did you think? CJ got all pedantic how it wasn't as child friendly as the previous ones had been and I pointed out that Rupert Grint is now 22 and Emma is 20 so it's not like they are children either,

How else were they going to portrait Voldy torturing Ron?

Katie said...

The series stopped being child friendly a couple movies ago. I have nightmares about Voldemort. But I loved the movie! I think they did a wonderful job!

kim_brough said...

I've read the series (twice) but have only seen the first movie. I was in college when it came out and several of us ran past this group of tweens to buy the last sold out tickets-- classy for 20 year olds I know. They are just so LONG and dark in color. I intend one day to watch them. You know, when I invent the 30 hour day.

I'll be curious to hear how you liked it!

Katie said...

I loved the new movie! And I've enjoyed them all. Outside the occasional ABC Family marathon, I don't watch the movies that often because they are long and dark, but I do like them overall.