Monday, November 8, 2010


She looks so thoughtful here. Almost like she's not the kind of dog to enjoy eating cat poop. 

Remember when I made all those New Year's resolutions? Yeah that was fun. And (not suprisingly) fairly unsuccessful. I was reading a blog post recently on whether we're more likely to stick to goals if we share them or keep them to ourselves. I think either way, it's about a 50/50 shot for me. But it's nice to write things down, and now that we have a little less than two months left to 2010, I've been thinking about what I really hope to do by the end of the year:

+ Read 5 books. (I've already got 2 of them started.)
+ Scan all those pictures our parents gave us for our wedding slide show so we can have a copy and then finally return them.
+ Sell old electronics and the swing set left by the previous home owners on Craigslist. (If you want a swing set, new all-in-one printer that can't print borderlessly, vacuum with broken hinge (but still sucks in the way vacuums are supposed to), old laptop or old digital camera (runs on AA batteries!), holla.)
+ Finish the birthday present I was going to make for my friend's daughter's second birthday. She's now 3 years and 2 months old. 
+ Clean the grout in the bathroom.
+ Go through all the boxes in the basement. 
+ Paint all the trim in the house white (in progress). 
+ Bake bread (I bought the ingredients a couple months ago).
+ Take one day or evening and spend some quality time with DSLR tutorials and my Nikon Charles. 

Here we go... 


Han said...

Sharing the goal tends to be easier because then that way I have someone to be accountable to.

Katie said...

Hannah -- Yeah, I think I prefer posting them too. Although sadly that doesn't guarantee success. ; )

steph anne said...

Yeah, I was just thinking the other day about how I haven't really done any of my resolutions. Crap! Or it's because I can't believe it's November!? Where did the time go?

Katie said...

Steph Anne -- I know! I can't believe it's almost 2011.