Monday, November 1, 2010

Things with Wings

I had these elaborate Halloween plans of dressing up as Rachel Berry (I'm a bit of a Gleek.), coercing Lee to go as Finn and making a slushie costume for Zoey (puppy t-shirt with iron-on slushie cup + child's clown wig = adorable puppy slushie). But after a day of unsuccessfully searching for a cheap Rachel-esque skirt that would match my purple cardigan cardigan, I gave up. There would have to be an easier and cheaper solution.

So we went batty. Lee quite literally.
I drew my inspiration from here and simplified it even further. Just some fabric cut with pinking shears to avoid fraying or heming and sewed onto a black, long-sleeved tee. The ears are felt with a loop in the bottom so they would slide over a headband. Not to brag, but I was pretty impressed with myself.
Along with the theme of "things with wings", I picked up Zoey a butterfly costume at Target. I don't think she was as excited about her costume as I was about mine. 

But she was excited to be reunited with her ex-roomies Simon and Jenn. (I was too.) 


Anonymous said...

Ohh, cute!

The GLEE thing would have been perfect - I've got a skirt I was about to take to Goodwill, so if you want it for next year, let me know!


Katie said...

Thanks! I'll keep that in mind for next year!

Blasé said...

We didn't get any Treaters so I've got lots of candy to eat.

Katie said...

We would have had lots of trick-or-treaters and I bought a lot of candy, but we decided to get eat dinner with family instead. Oh well. More candy for me. : )

one sydney road said...

Ha - the Glee costumes would have been great - so creative!! But I think it worked out fine :) Especially with those cute doggies!

Katie said...

Thanks Piper! Doggies make everything better!