Monday, April 11, 2011

Handle with Care

I think one of the best parts of shopping on Etsy is the adorable packaging your item usually arrives in. Here's how I packaged my first Etsy sale (so exciting!). I wanted something that had my shop info  that also kept everything together in the padded mailer. The ribbon is taped together in the back so there's no bow to add bulk.

And I designed some mailing labels for the outside.

I know PayPal will print a shipping label for you, but it's not nearly as cute.


Susan C. said...

Totally adorable. And you're absolutely right, packaging makes a HUGE difference. I received a totally cute item shipped all by itself in a standard white letter-size envelope and it kind of was a let down. Your ribbon idea is genius AND cute! :)

Katie Earley said...

Thanks Susan!

steph anne said...

I really like your name, ampersand & dash. It's unique! :)

Han said...

That's awesome :) I love the packaging that comes with purchases from Katie Blair Designs - it's tissue paper (I can't remember the colour that's rubbish it might be white) tidied up with green ribbon - it just adds something nice to it - I love the ribbon your top picture :)