Monday, April 18, 2011

Our Garden is Growing!!

On Thursday I planted our garden and I must say, I'm ridiculously proud of it. For someone whose idea of enjoying the outdoors involves drinking on patios and whose idea of getting "my hands dirty" involves a sewing machine or glue gun, I feel like this garden is a big step in the direction of...I don't know...the direction of facing my bug fears in the name of cheap, readily available, quality produce?! Lee measured, placed the large metal rods and tilled up the ground, but I did everything else. And it turned out awesome.

The tomatoes and peppers we'll be growing from transplants starting next month (like my chart told me to), but here is everything else, neatly planted and labeled in their square foot of space.

To protect my pride and joy from squirrels/rabbits/opossums/mice, I fenced it in with some chicken wire. Only cut myself twice! I'm particularly proud of the fence. It seems so handy of me. I also sprinkled cayenne and pepper around the edges because I've heard that helps too.

As of today, the cilantro and broccoli were sprouting!! Despite the fact that my container plants have failed in the past, I seem to be a natural at in-the-ground gardening.


Catie said...

Your garden looks lovely!!!
And that fence looks fantastic! It look like nothin' will be getting in! I just have one question... how do you get inside? haha

Katie Earley said...

I've cut some holes in the chicken wire and those are attached to hooks on the tall metal rods and the shorter posts that the string dividers are tied around. It's got a twist tie to join it at the bottom where the beginning and end meet. Basically I can undo the twist tie and then unpeel it. And it's only 2 feet high so I might (for a little while longer anyways ;) ) be able to reach in for some things.