Friday, April 8, 2011

Week in Review 4/8

+ Just when I think I've got the nursery color scheme picked out, I see something that makes me reconsider.


+ You can never have too many tote bag tutorials. Of course if you saw my ratio of tote-bag-tutorials-saved (tons) to tote-bag-tutorials-completed (one), you might think otherwise.

+ Speaking of more tutorials to have in case I ever take the time to complete them, these finger-knitted bracelets look awesome.

Have a wonderful weekend! I suspect my weekend will be full of trim painting. Yay for getting projects done, but boo for actually having to do them.

1 comment:

Han said...

I have a tutorial that I have completed for a tote bag but I think I gave it away in the end lol. I think my friend needed one and I said she could keep it.