Friday, April 24, 2009


Now that I've picked that as a title I can't get that Hootie and the Blowfish song out of my head. Anyways...

I've been thinking lately about time and how I spend it. I've noticed that there are a couple things in my life that I spend much more time doing than I want to or need to, ultimately leaving me without time to do the things I really love. So I have some sans-New Years resolutions.

I think it's time Google Reader and I take a break. I don't actually have to read every headline and see every picture that Apartment Therapy posts (although they are exquisite!), yet when I see that there are currently 72 unread items, I feel like I need to clear that out by spending an hour skimming, when really I can just "Mark All As Read" and move on with my life. Just because about once a week the NYTimes will have a feature article I'll really love doesn't necessarily mean I need to spend several hours a day looking and waiting for it.

Also, I am going to adjust my means of procrastination. When I come home from work I tell myself that once I complete [insert evening's chores] I will [watch movie/catch up on DVR/read/call friend/craft something]. But what happens is I procrastinate on the chores by watching TV that I'm indifferent about, playing Solitaire, Facebook stalking or other random crap. I would much rather be reading or movie-watching, but since I have to do the chores before I can do those, I just wind up totally wasting the evening. So from now, I will procrastinate with things I actually want to do. I did this other night when Jane Austen defeated my laundry. It was a great evening.

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