Friday, November 6, 2009

A Change of Plans

I'm a little Type A. Okay, maybe more than a little. Sudden plan changes really bug me, even little ones. Even if I've planned nothing and now something technically cooler has come along, I don't like it. Today has been full of "special" sudden events and some small to medium sized plan changes. Overall, I think I'm okay with it. Does this mean I'm growing? Doubtful. I think it just means I need a nap.

I have been feeling a little lazy lately. I come home from work and my motivation meter is at -20. I fall asleep in the chair because I'm too lazy to drag myself to bed. And I've been getting up later and later, which has been screwing with both my and Lee's morning schedule. I had hoped that this morning would be better but it wasn't. I snoozed too long, even though I had plenty of sleep and was plenty awake. The bed was comfier than the bathroom and it won. After a series of pep-talks, I vowed to cheer up, persevere and next week we will do better. "We" being me and pep-talk-giver who lives in my head.

So I'm looking for my sunglasses in a hurry to take Zoey out to potty and finally head to work, but funny thing is my glasses case is wet. Huh. And so is my adorable Clinique makeup bag. And my cute little notebook is soaked in something smellier than water...must be animal urine!

For a number of reasons it was ultimately concluded that my dear, beloved, perfect Reagan peed in my purse this morning.
So now I'm running later AND trying to get the cat urine off my belongings. Thankfully, the Fossil wallet and camera were spared. The purse might be a lost cause, but at least it was a $15 Walmart purse. A fabulous purse, but a $15 purse none the less.

I yelled and cursed Reagan a lot as I cleaned up, got a new purse and headed out the door, but after talking to coworkers and Lee's mom who is above-average with pet knowledge, it appears that she may have a urinary infection.

So Reagan, I am sorry for yelling those horrible things at you this morning. (Note: Apology pending veterinary diagnosis.)

Instead of getting errands done at lunch, I came home and created a kitty haven in our bathroom (I really wish we had two of those right now.) where we can better control where she'll decide to pee and better see if there's any blood in the pee. Fun!

Oh, did I mention I was going to go home (like the where-my-parents-live, two-hours-away home) right after work? For my friend's baby shower tomorrow? And Lee's got drill this weekend so he will be gone from about at least 6 am to 6 pm all weekend?

Or I was going home. I'll be staying in Louisville for the night to monitor Reagan's situation and get her medical attention if needed.

Honestly, I'm kind of relived. Not so much about the situation where I need to buy a medicine dropper to collect cat urine off the bathroom floor, but like I said, I've been lazy and I'm hoping that tonight I will actually get some things done that need to be taken care of, mostly laundry. And it's an extra night to hang out with Lee. And if I was at my parents' house I'd just be worried about my precious little kitty. (Note: Precious status pending veterinary diagnosis.)


kim_brough said...

Here's hoping for a UTI!

I have 2 cats and in the last year, I had a cat door put in the door leading to the basement. My older, bigger cat wasn't into it at first and TWO days in a row pooped right on the area rug by the front door so when I can in the house.... I stepped right in it. Blah! After much screaming, swats, and explanations of the door, we've had no problems since!

steph anne said...

First of all I have to say your cat is cute!

I'd die if my cat peed in mine probably because I have way too much stuff in my purse!

WhimsAndInconsistencies said...

Unfortunately (or fortunately, I guess) Reagan seems to be healthy so perhaps she was having a bad day?!

Also fortunately, her pee seemed to damage the least nice items in my purse, and it was a cheap purse anyways.