Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

This year I'm thankful for:
  • My job. I get to work with amazing people in a wonderful environment. And things are going well for us so I'm not too worried about getting fired! 
  • There are some friends that I have been much better about staying in touch with this year and I'm so happy about that. (And some that I need to work much better at, but we'll reflect more on that at New Year's.)
  • Glee.
  • Learning how to knit and sew. It's been a lot of fun spending the time with Aunt Billie so she can teach me these things and I love knowing how to do them. Next year I shall make a Jane Austen dress (fingers crossed!).
  • My hair grows out really quickly and I'm glad we're back to messy bun length.
  • My family. And Lee's family. They're all awesome. Kind, loving, funny, good at making tasty treats and sending care packages and the like.
  • Most of all, cheesy drum roll...I'm thankful for Lee. He really is like the coolest guy ever. And I get to hang out with him everyday and snuggle. He makes me laugh. He empties the dishwasher. He saves me from the certain doom that awaits if I take Zoey outside to potty at night. And he smells nice. Oh! And he does some great animal sounds (He's best at turkeys and monkeys.) and has a cool squeaky voice too. I'm determined to get him to let me YouTube these skills someday.

Friends' Thanksgiving episodes are the best.

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Julia said...

ooh yay,i'm glad to hear the pattern is a good one. ill start sewing one up as soon as I go home and get some nice fabric!