Monday, November 9, 2009

I'm a Weeper

I cry. A lot.

More often than not, I cry over fictional things. Common examples include: Steel Magnolias, the Friends series final, Gilmore Girls series finale, Extreme Home Makeover, Grey's Anatomy (When Alex and Izzie got married I cried so hard I had to have Lee come sit with me. I could barely ask him to come sit with me because I was crying that much.), Nicholas Sparks (I hate his books but they make me cry and I hate him more.), The Lovely Bones, and the list goes on. It's kind of sad. Especially when you consider how many times I've seen Steel Magnolias and the Friends season finale. Oh, I can't even talk about the Gilmore Girls finale without choking up. When Luke stays up all night making the tent and then Rory and Lorelai pull up and it's raining and everyone...yeah, I can't do it.

And for some reason, Christmas has become one of those things that makes me cry. I mean, I love Christmas and it's happy tears, but the moment they start to sing "Oh Holy Night" on Christmas Eve, even if the soloist has a horrible voice, I cry. Really though, have you ever thought about the words? They are absolutely stunning: Long lay the world in sin, and ever pining, until He appeared and the soul felt its worth. That's pretty sweet.

(I also got misty on Palm Sunday this year, what can I say?!)

So Saturday I'm at Target with my mom perusing Christmas cards with my cell phone calculator for advanced price analysis and I see this card.
Christmas card front/back
I don't technically cry but I get all choked up and so does mom (I inherit my weepiness from her. You do not want to be there when we watch Stepmom.).

A debate ensues over if I really like this card or not. I mean, it's kind of cheesy but it did make me cry. Then the woman down the aisle reminds me that if it made me cry then clearly it's the one. That's how you pick out your wedding dress after all. (I cried when I decided on my wedding dress, but I still doubt I picked out the right one. Anyways...) So I got a box.

In other shopping news, I got a new purse (50% off at Kohl's!) to replace the one Reagan used as a litter box. Oh, and she appears to be perfectly healthy so that's strike one for the little punk! (Who am I kidding?! I can't get rid of her. I still love that crazy fluffy cat.)
new purse!

And since it is Music Monday, I just found this Single Ladies cover via @tugonthis and I think it's awesome.


Ashley Colagross said...

I love this card. I too get choked up over lots of things. It's gotten worse since I had Claire.

VA said...

I love that purse!

thegamerswife said...

I am a total crier as well! Nothing wrong with it :) So glad to hear kitty is okay! and cute new purse!

Han said...

At Upper school I was in a performance of Steel Magnolias and at the end we took a bow and I could see that the deputy head of the school and the deputy head of our year had been crying! We'd reduced them to tears!

I cry lots too - over real things lol. I get so frustrated that I cant sort stuff and I don't know my way out and crying sorts it out some how lol. Like Dad or Mum hugs - they don't solve the problem but some how the hug makes the problem smaller so you can deal with it

Katherine said...

I cried once when a customer in front of me in line at a store was mean to the checkout girl.

You're definitely not alone. :o)

I love the purse, too!

steph anne said...

Aw, I think I get choked up a lot and cry especially if I'm by myself.

I love the purse!! I'll definitely have to go check them out at Kohl's!