Thursday, December 10, 2009

My Return to Paper

I like technology mostly. So over the past year or so I've tried to lean more on technology for certain tasks, specifically my calendar and to-do list.

That ends now.

I had been thinking about going back to a paper planner. I love Google Calendar and I will continue to use it since Lee is a computer calendar person and he can check it as necessary. But for me, it's back to paper.

So this weekend I bought a paper planner, with space for a to-do list, and since then my productivity has been rediculous! Maybe it's just the fact that I've reached the point where I HAVE to get things done (15 days til Christmas!), but things have been going so smoothly now that I have my planner and paper to-do list. I have accomplished all my tasks for the past three nights and now all of my long-distance gifting is crafted and shipped!

Oh paper, I will never leave you again! (Okay, that's probably unlikely, but I'll stick around for awhile!)


Han said...

I am a paper diary person - I tried the whole phone diary or Google Calendar thing (and I still do it because CJ is on there) but there is something about physically writing an event in your diary - I think it means you remember what you've got to do more.

I put some reminders on my phone in case I think I might forget them but other than that it's all in my diary - I even went as far to buy a filofax rather than a diary this year.

thegamerswife said...

I too love using a paper planner! It's just something about getting to write it all down, scratch it out, circle things, etc. I use an electronic calendar for all work related things, but personal stuff is all on paper!

stefanie said...

I agree I am so much more productive when I write things down on a piece of paper. I love crossing them off and seeing getting everyting accomplished that way.