Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Trying Harder

When I started blogging, my goals were just to actually blog about something -- anything -- on a semi-regular basis, like at least weekly. Then as I got more into it, I decided to blog regularly five days a week. And I did that for awhile, but I wasn't always satisfied with the product. Some days I would be busy and just slap up a YouTube video, which is fine, but it wasn't consistent with my blog goals (Be a better writer, tell stories...). So I decided to not force things anymore and I would write when I had something to say, hoping I would have things to say at least three times a week. (This last transition occurred within 24 hours of signing up for NaBloPoMo. Oh well, maybe next year.)

This morning I was reading this post from Writing Roads and now I'm rethinking the quantity/quality thing again. Julie's feelings on the matter are right:
I mean, I hear what they’re saying – which is basically, ‘Don’t post crap.’ But my response to that is this: Figure out a way to post something good. Work harder.
So I resolve to work harder, and find something worthwhile, everyday. Well, maybe just Monday through Friday. 

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stefanie said...

I have owned numerous blogs but I am finally happy with where I am at right now. I used to post a lot of senseless things like lyrics of a song. But I have become more focused on writing about a particular topic instead of rambling on about my day. It seems to work quite well. :)