Friday, December 18, 2009

Week in Review: 12/18

my wordle

I discovered Wordle via Ha ha. Wait. What? and it's a pretty fun way to pass five minutes. My wordle is above.

Despite the lack of babies in the immediate future, that doesn't keep me from planning nurseries! (Is this wrong? Creepy? Weird? It's not that I purposely seek out ideas, but if I see one I bookmark it.) Awhile ago I found the perfect piece of art for a boy's room, and yesterday I found the perfect piece for Elizabeth's room at Red Velvet Art! (Yes, I've had my daughter named since I first read Pride and Prejudice eleven years ago.)

Excellent and easy-peezy craft idea from Clever Nesting. Mildly concerned I'll burn my house down in the process, but I'll keep you posted!

My real-life friend Jenn was so intrigued by my brief mention of Krampus this week that she sought out other lesser-known Santa Claus sidekicks and shared her newly acquired knowledge.

Warm winter hats mess up my hair and Sew to Speak has the perfect solution.

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