Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Some New Note Cards

Last Christmas I made a lot of stamped note card sets for gifts, but since then, I kind of lost interest (At least I didn't buy that many stamps...) and have been designing the cards in InDesign or Photoshop Elements to print out. Here are some I made this week. I want to pinch their cheeks I think they're so cute.



happy birthday

I'm also trying to decide what I want to do for Christmas cards. Do I want to do postcards like I did for our housewarming party? The pros are that I still have a bunch of postcard stamps (Someone promised to get all their coworkers' and friends' new addresses but never did. I won't name any names. ; ) ) and additional postcard stamps are less expensive than regular ones. However, if I have the postcards printed professionally, that will cost a bit of money, they'll be digitally printed (to keep the price down and since it's a small quantity) which always results in shoddy cropping, and I'll have a ton of extras since we have about 60 people we mail these to and the quantity choices are normally 50 and 100. If I printed my own postcards, they'd likely get wet in the mail since they wouldn't be shiny and waterproof. Any other solutions out there? I think I'll be printing at home and mailing in envelopes.


Han said...

You could stick them in an envelope - the other option to try is to get PVA glue and a bit of water (just a little bit) and paint it onto the card as like a varnish - only issue it might curl the cardboard.

I love the thanks one :) Have you tried Vista Print for printing?

Katie said...

Thanks Hannah! I have tried Vista and UPrinting. They generally turn out really well but I'm a bit of a perfectionist. ; )