Monday, October 11, 2010

Feeling Very Hipster

Maybe hipster's not the right word. Trendy? I don't know. In the past week-ish I have acquired a bike for transportation, an iPhone 4 (There's been much happy dancing.) and a yoga membership, so what does that make me? Cooler than two weeks ago? Probably.

In what Lee defines as my habit to "Name Any Purchase Over $100" (We should name the house!), meet Helen. Helen is named for Helen of Troy because they both have a gorgeous design that has led men (and women) to engage in expensive and obsessive behaviors. Please play Words with Friends with me. (I'm kmearley. You might also include a message letting me know who you are because stranger = danger.)
Have you noticed that as iPhones get smaller, they need bigger cases, and are now quite large? I have no idea what the actual size of my phone is because of her gigantic case. With the case, she is probably one of the bigger phones I've ever had, rivaling my first cell phone from 2000. (I've had a cell phone for the past decade. Wow.)

My bike does not have a name yet, but she's pretty sweet. She has taken me to work and back twice and we even went through the bank drive-through together. That was classy.
And special thanks to my dear husband for successfully attaching my basket (It was $15 (with coupon) from Michael's. Yay for not spending $50+ on one!) with a classy combination of zip ties and wood. I've questioned Lee's use of zip ties but it has held up well.
(Okay, I admit the zip ties were originally my idea but that was before I realized there are holes on the rack for screws, which seem sturdier than zip ties. But so far, so good.)


Ashley Colagross said...

How did the commute/errand running go?

Katie said...

They've gone pretty well so far. I've only gotten mad at one car. ; ) Normally I just feel bad for the people who are afraid to pass me when they have plenty of room, but I'd rather that than the guy who nearly missed a head-on collision in his haste to pass me.

angela.kolachny said...

I have an iPhone too, I love it! I will play words with friends with you (my user name is akolachny)! Your bike rocks! The basket is my fav part!

Katie said...

Thanks Angela! I'm creating a new game now!

Han said...

I'm girltaristhan and just started a game I think lol.

Katie said...

Hannah -- You did!