Friday, October 15, 2010

Week in Review: 10/15

I wish my weekend plans involved the above. But there will be some barbecue, so you take what you can get.

I never wanted to go to Iceland, but it looks pretty fantastic.

In honor of my new stainless steel dishwasher and my new stainless steel stove (As soon as I pick it out. What are your thoughts on gas vs. electric?): how to polish stainless steel.

Adorable spray-painted cups


Rebecca said...

Thanks for the link about cleaning stainless steel... I would have never thought of polishing with olive oil!

I prefer electric stoves as I'm kind of scared of gas! I've never used one before, but I hear they are much quicker to heat up and cook quicker..

Katie said...

Thanks for the suggestion Rebecca! I'm kind of scared of gas stoves too but I think I'm going to try to be brave and get one anyway!