Friday, October 29, 2010

Week in Review: 10/29 - If your Halloween costume makes no sense whatsoever I'll just assume you're dressed as Inception

Remember my dry-erase weekly menu? Here's the same concept for a perpetual calendar. So easy and clever.

The bummer in my pursuit to not eat things without weird preservatives (Exceptions made for Oreos and Halloween candy of course.) is that it's hard to find easy, instant, warm food options. Until I was introduced to making my own frozen burritos. I left off the jalapenos and added onions. Yum.

This headboard is amazing, but even more so when you see how the chevron pattern was made from normal striped fabric.

This is my new favorite site. The product descriptions (especially for the headache and allergy medicines) are hysterical, but then when you click on "bored?", the magic really begins.

Have a wonderful Halloween weekend!

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