Monday, December 29, 2008


I really love babies. I can't wait to have a baby some day, when the time is right. Perhaps once Lee and I no longer live in a one-bedroom apartment and/or there is a 0% chance of him getting deployed since he has a bit left on his Army Reserve contract. But the next best thing is happening as we speak! One of my bestest friends is having a baby!!

Yes, just about 15 minutes away from my current location one of my dear friends is in the process of having a baby. It's her first and she only started having contractions about two hours ago, so I'm hoping that my trip to Central Kentucky this evening will not prevent me from missing the crucial moment as I anxiously await in the lobby for the announcement of ten fingers and ten toes on a healthy baby girl. I suspect that she is more likely to actually deliver while I'm at work tomorrow than while I'm catching up with friends an hour away.

So while I continue to go about my job and visit with friends, my mind is all babies, babies, babies...well, one in particular!!

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