Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a fabulous New Year and made smart choices.

I am determined that 2009 will be the year that I get in shape. I have no idea about how many years I have said this, but this time I mean it! (I'm also not sure how many times I've said that.)

I have gained 10 pounds since I graduated college in 2006. I've always been skinny, and in theory still am, but all of that weight is pouring over the top of my jeans (in the stomach and love handle regions) in an unflattering way. I considered giving in to this. (I have started every sentence with in this blog with "I." Ick.) Recently (Something other than "I!") I tried on the next size up in pants and while they were quite nice around the waist were huge in the crotch. So I went back to my old size with the muffin top. Perhaps I should have just gone for a different jean.

But no, I'm not giving in! I've been running 3 days so far this week and even done my new Pilates video with this band thing for extra power or whatever. At lunch today I got the Fresca burrito at Taco Bell, which was not nearly as good as their regular burritos, but I'm trying.

So here's to a healthier 2009, sans muffin top.

In other miscellaneous news, I am happy to report that I was wrong about something. (Get excited! I may never say that again!) Rockband 2 is out for Wii! Lee had to go to Clarksville for it (which is apparently just over the bridge) but we have it and I suck horrible at it but my rocker, named London, has an awesome outfit!

Also, my friend gave birth this past Tuesday morning to a beautiful baby girl, Elliott Eileen, Ellie for short. I got to see her and hold her when she was about 5 hours old and hope to visit again soon because she is adorable and babies are awesome. Especially when you can hold them for a little bit and then leave them with someone else to deal with the feeding, crying, pooping, etc.

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