Friday, February 13, 2009

Guilty Pleasures

Let's start celebrating Valentine's Day a little early by indulging in some guilty pleasures. No, not the cupcakes I brought to work today, but The Bachelor.

I would like to note that some people consider me to be an intelligent person and I like to think that I'm reasonably intelligent myself, but oh the crappy lame things that capture my attention and brain power!

I would also like to note that I had mostly given up on reality dating shows (other than the occasional episode of Flavor of Love). However, my brother-in-law knows one of the bachelors from Deanna's season of The Bachelorette so I watched it out of curiousity to see how he did. By episode two I fell in love with Jason and had to keep watching in hopes that Jason would win Deanna's heart. (I mean really, what kind of crazy picks a poorly-styled snowboarder over Jason?! Clearly Jason's better off without that big hot mess.) When I heard that Jason would be the next Bachelor I had to tune in to keep cheering him on in his pursuit of TV love. I feel that this justifies my watching of the show. It does not justify the amount of time I spend thinking about the show.

I'm going to blame the co-worker who recently showed me the link I've already shared. Several people have over-analyzed the finale previews to determine that Melissa wins (yay!) this season based on her pinky ring and moles. I found this interesting so I began searching the internet to see what other kinds of information might be out there about the finale. As crazy as I (or you) might think I am, it does not compare to the crazy Bachelor fans out there. Some of the craziest existing theories include:
  • Molly's pregnant.
  • The entire show is being presenting backward?! How does that even happen?!
  • He gets back with Deanna, which has been denied by people who "know."

One of my favorite sources is Reality Steve. He has sources who have confirmed the ending to him and now he's giving out some of the most random hints that I don't even try to figure out. Things I have concluded from what I've read is that the shocker isn't who he picks but the how. There's some sort of crazy storyline (a timeline perhaps?) to the final rose ceremony that is completely "new" and "shocking." (We'll see about that.) There's a "real" love story here or something. ABC even needs an additional follow-up show, so now there are two rounds of After The Final Rose.

If you two want to stalk Internet lore about the upcoming Bachelor finale, below are some places I recommend. However, it might be best just to keep your sanity and gear up for a new round of American Idol.

Reality Steve
Reality TV World (They just posted Naomi's interview!)
Bachelor Love
The Bachelor (crazy!) Message Boards
Info on the After the Final Rose x2

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