Monday, February 16, 2009


I am often politically wishy-washy but one thing I stay consistent on is my feelings that abortion is pretty horrible and should not happen. (Unless the mother's life is at risk.) (Okay, I'm kind of starting to think that perhaps in instances of rape and/or other horrible sexual crimes, perhaps, after counseling and making all the options known, I might be okay with someone legally having an abortion, but I still think they should reallyreallyreally consider adoption and I frequently pray for an end to abortion because it's reallyreally horrible all the time.) This is why I'm so excited about this new website I found: What the FOCA?! I found this site through this blog which does an excellent job of explaining the awesomeness of WTF?!
Not only do I love the operation because its a cause that’s obviously near and dear to my heart but because finally…FINALLY…someone in the pro-life movement realized that their message was totally irrelevant to anyone born after the year their websites were designed, 1995, and decided to tailor their campaign to the culture by co-opting something just about anyone under the age of 30 is familiar with.

I love the pro-life movement, but sometimes I think that in the world of politics, which should be separate from religion, absolutely ruling out abortion 100% is not feasible. This is why I think a lot of the focus of pro-lifers should be on preventing the reasons women seek abortions, preventing the most heinous kinds of abortions, and improving other options (Yay adoption!). I'm really happy that this site is taking a much more practical, and mildly humorous, approach to it's pro-life message as opposed to splashing images of Jesus and fetuses everywhere. (Not that I don't love Jesus very much but he does not always rouse rational support for legislation.)

Some things that I would like to point about FOCA that I feel are reasons EVERYONE should dislike it (BTW, these facts are taken from the nifty WTF T-shirts):
  • FOCA would nullify the laws that ensure that abortionists are qualified physicians.
  • FOCA would repeal the Partial Birth Abortion Ban, which most people support.
  • FOCA would eliminate safety regulations for abortion clinics.
  • FOCA would allow abortions after viability. (Really!?!!)
As I was typing the above I became curious as to what in this bill anyone would support. So I decided to read a paragraph from the pro-FOCA webpage. Apparently they just want to make sure that everyone in the future will always be able to have an abortion. How kind, making sure that your daughters, granddaughters, great-granddaughters can abort their daughters. People can already have abortions and it's looking unlikely that abortions will ever be 100% off the table so chill out! And although I have a limited understanding of the workings of government, I'm pretty sure there is no such thing that anyone can do to ensure that a certain piece of legislation lasts forever. There's always some way to appeal or ammend.

On a lighter note, I've always credited this video with the start of "WTF?!" (as it relates to the f*bomb and not abortion legislation) and it is a pretty awesome video:

This is perhaps the first Internet video I ever really loved. This came out before YouTube. I feel so old.


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