Thursday, February 26, 2009

Misc. Nonsense

I hosted a wedding shower a couple months ago (Has it already been a couple months? Holy crap -- is it March?! Close.) and spent a long time surfing the internet for some way I could calculate how much food to prepare, which of course I stumbled upon today. Also observe Real Simple's neato new website.

I'm in hypochondriac mode. I know it's not meningitis. Might be strep or flu or sinuses or a bad week.

And there are really no words to express the grief, sorrow, concern, shock, disappointment, etc., I felt last night. An excerpt from my conversation with Lee during half-time:
Me: I've decided that my least favorite three-word phrase ever is, "Another Kentucky turnover."
Lee: So I guess this makes your least favorite five-word phrase, "And another turnover from Porter."

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