Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I Can't Count

Despite getting a 4 on the Calculus AP exam my senior year of high school, (An achievement that I will tout until my dying die. I was also high school valedictorian. And that's it.) I've never been good at basic math. I'm particularly bad at sewing math. I knew I should have sat down in a calm environment and calculated exactly how much fabric I needed for my curtains before I went to Joann, but instead I waited until I was next in line to have my fabric cut and had to rely on my last minute math "skillz."

And I was wrong.

But I have a plan!

I'm just doing plain rectangular sheets to hang on a tension rod over the windows, not too hard. The front was going to be a nice green swirly pattern with a tan back. Now I think I'm going to have a 6" tan border at the top so I don't have to buy another 2 yards of the more costly green pattern and I just need another 2 yards of the cheaper tan fabric.

So last night I pulled out my mom's sewing machine which she has given me as I start my new crafting adventure and figured out how to use it. I hope to actually start stitching on the curtains tonight but I'm going to actually cook tonight so it might have to wait until Friday.

Expect some culinary disaster or success story tomorrow!

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