Thursday, April 2, 2009

Makeover Complete?!

The combination of my indecisiveness and perfectionist tendencies can be crippling. I've been changing the look of my blog around a bit lately because I can never make up mind and I think I'm finally happy with it. We'll see. I'm still all tore up about my profile picture. I feel that it should showcase my most recent hairstyle (bob with side-sweepy bangs) (I think I just made up the word side-sweepy.) yet I don't have any great pictures of me with that hairstyle. I mean, I like the hair, but I chronically make dumb faces in photos and I'm being particularly perfectionist on this matter.

The highlight of the new blog look (Other than the fact that I made the header by myself in InDesign which makes me feel super talented.) is the tag cloud. I had a two-week stint on WordPress and have missed the tag cloud ever since. You too can add a tag cloud by following these directions.

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