Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I'm on a Boat

In case you haven't noticed (here) I spend some time planning things in my non-existent house. The other day I was wandering Etsy's blog and found an interview with an artist who has a print that I want to base my non-existent son's nursery on. (I spend a lot of time planning for non-existent things.) It's a beach scene that says "If you want to know how much I love you count the waves." Beautiful.

I was telling Lee about this and how we could do a whole nautical thing around the print and it would be awesome. Lee's response?

"Then our baby could be in his crib and say, "I'm on a boat!"

Yes, the "I'm on a boat" featured below. I showed it to Lee last week and have not heard the end of "flippy-floppies." I must admit though, I love it too, and really want to ride around on a boat with this gem blaring from the speakers, while I wear my flippy-floppies.


Jenn - Newlywed 1 said...

I told Michael about what we did yesterday. He was not amused to learn about our different tastes in nursery decorating. However I have a new plan: years from now when we are moving to our step up houses Michael will get promoted to Louisville and we will buy houses on the same street. Our children will be buddies (to get over any sadness in changing schools) and I promise mine won't beat yours up as long as yours don't mock them with their intellectual superiority. Obviously we won't be working full time at that point and we can devote our time to our budding even planning business, this is of course a back up plan - I'm still holdig out for the castle.

Jenn - Newlywed 1 said...

And apparently I can't type today.

WhimsAndInconsistencies said...

I totally support you two moving to Louisville as soon as possible! We might be too much for one street to handle, but I think we can rock it! :)

You know...if we lived next door, maybe we could fence in both our yards together and have a gigantic super yard! Although some sort of formal dog poo pick up plan would have to be approved first.