Monday, May 17, 2010

The Latest Plague

Wednesday my throat was scratchy. Probably just some allergies.

Thursday I went home at lunch to take my temperature (normal) and change into a sweatshirt because I was so cold at work. As the afternoon progressed, the plague officially arrived. I became less capable of sitting at a desk since I was still freezing and generally completely miserable. I left work an hour early, went home, and before crashing into bed realized I did have a temperature! Which isn't good news, but it's always nice to have some sort of factual evidence to support your misery. Kind of.

And of course all ailments require banana popsicles.
may 13
Friday I went to the doctor and got drugs for my sinus infection.

Saturday and Sunday the drugs banished my sinus symptoms but left me with nasty nausea. Apparently I was consuming too much dairy and have since realized I'm incapable of sticking to a "bland" diet.

And because of this, I missed my friend's wedding and visiting many dear friends. But I also watched the entirety of Britain's version of The Office, (It's only 14 episodes.) which got increasingly likable each episode. And I still got to visit with family and show my parents and grandpa our house. So I guess the weekend wasn't a total loss?

Today, I'm back at work and have been less nauseous but more sinus-y. Mostly my ears are all full of fuzz. And now I will try to cease that past 100+ hours of whining.


Han said...

I really don't like the UK version of the office - the only bit I like is the Christmas Special (Did you see that one?)

steph anne said...

I hope you feel better soon!! And that's the first time I've seen banana popsicles! lol It doesn't even look that good.... well I'm a picky eater after all.

Katie said...

Hannah -- I loved the Christmas special! The series would've been so depressing without it!

Steph Anne -- Thanks for the well wishes! And banana popsicles are amazing! They have been a staple of my illness recovery plan since I was 5.