Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My Favorite TV Show. Ever. Which You Should Know.

I think I've been giving people the wrong impression. It seems the people I've met in the past 4-5 years don't know what my favorite television show is, and this bothers me. (Have I talked about it much here? I dunno.) (Also, "dunno" is recognized by spell check? I think this saddens me. It's okay to use in coversational writing, but should not be legitimized by spell check recognition.)

This probably doesn't seem like a big deal, but it used to be one of those things that when you met me, it would come up in the first five minutes of conversation. It was one of "my things". You couldn't really qualify as a true acquaintance of mine without knowing my favorite TV show and my favorite book (Hello, Pride and Prejudice!) because that's how often it came up.

Since the show has tragically been off the air since 2004 (And oh did I weep and weep. I still can't watch the last few episodes without sobbing ridiculously.), and the show's events dropped from my regular conversation, people have started to assume that Grey's Anatomy or Glee or Gilmore Girls holds the distinction of "Favorite TV Show". But nothing can come between me and Friends. (Although Modern Family might come the closest. It's too soon to tell.)

Me with my big purchase of the trip. | Spring Break March 2006

I started watching Friends in the seventh grade during its third season. During high school, when I approached my academics with a not-entirely-healthy fervency, the only thing I would take a study break for was Friends. In college, it provided free therapy (I'm surprised the disc with "The One Where Monica and Richard are Friends" still works. If you're having boyfriend issues though, that helps 90% of the time.) and was an important staple of my no-hangover bedtime routine (A glass of water and an episode of Friends before bed makes for a happy morning.).

Sadly though, other than a stray episode here and there, I haven't watched Friends in a long time. Too long. This is probably why everyone thinks Glee is my favorite TV show, because I've watching about 20 times more Glee in the past year than Friends. To remedy this imbalance, last weekend I popped in season one and have been enjoying it while I cook and clean around the apartment. I've already made it to season two, which is kick-you-in-the-crotch-spit-on-your-neck-fantastic. ;)

Oh Friends, I've missed you.


Amy Jackson said...

Oh, Katie, I would never think your favorite show is Glee. It's simply a "flavor of the month" compared to Friends. *smooches*

thegamerswife said...

Haha - you should meet my husband. He would fight you for Friends #1 fan. We have all ten seasons on DVD, and we've see them so much we've had to buy three seasons AGAIN because the discs wore out! We cycle through watching all ten seasons in a row several times a year and it's usually playing on the TV as a I fall asleep! We also have the SceneIt game, and I almost always lose to him!

Julia said...

I knew this! I will never forget Freshman year and your friends watching :)

Katie said...

Amy -- Haha. So true. One of the perks of knowing me for...almost 20 years?!

Heather -- We should meet! I would challenge him to a SceneIt duel except A. He'd probably win and I don't lose (or win really) well to Friends games.

Katie said...

Julia -- I do miss our Friends parties! I think I still have a tape from where Chelsea had to tape an episode because I had a meeting.

Jenn said...

Remember when we lived together and our first order of business (after we developed a vert sepecial "scale" of comparison) was to watch the entire series of Friends? It was awesome.

Katie said...

That was awesome! And I made a feet-less trifle for Fake Thanksgiving. *le sigh*

Jamie said...

I was such a fan of Friends (it and ER were regular viewing my Freshman year of college). I've tried to pay a small homage to it by the way I label my own blog posts.

Homage, not stealing.

Katie said...

Jamie -- And that is one of the many reasons your blog is so fabulous!

Han said...

hehe i had to come and have a look when I saw the picture!