Friday, March 20, 2009

Hypochondria Alert!

OMG! I'm not Asian, but I do feel like I blush when I drink. I mean, I think I do. I remember one time I was eating dinner with Lee and his family and had a glass of wine, and I don't know why this one glass bothered me more than usual, but I felt very red and hot and was feeling like I was acting very tipsy, but Lee assured me on the drive home that I did not do anything stupid or act like a total light weight.

Maybe I should read the article again. Maybe it's more like "if you're Asian AND blush when you drink" as opposed to "just blushing, but more likely if you're Asian."

I might have to have some beer tonight and have Lee watch me closely.

Dear Friends, next time I drink you with, please monitor the color of my face so we can decide if I need to seek treatment. Thanks.

You can also keep your comments to yourself about the other [mental] things I need to seek treatment for. ; )

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