Thursday, March 26, 2009

For the Record

I know I've said some grumpy things about Billy in the past. When your team is losing, at some point the Porter jokes get old and you have to blame someone else, and sometimes that person is the coach. I'm disappointed that the season turned out as it did, but I still believe in Billy's excellence as a coach and that he could do great things for our program. I'm also not excited about any of his potential replacements and in the long run, I think losing Billy will be a mistake. We're on our way to being one of the top teams again, I do believe that. (Note: I ALWAYS think we're the top team in the world, regardless what polls, records and statistics say. It's just really great when the polls, records, and statistics agree with you.) I fear that changing coaches again will just be another step back and I fear that there will be a coaching change tomorrow.

Just to state for the record, I support Billy Clyde.

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