Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Recent Reviews

I've seen some movies, read a book, and bought a new cell phone. Now I feel the need to share my thoughts on all this.

Rushmore was a hysterical movie! I don't always like Wes Anderson movies but this and The Royal Tenenbaums are the exception. The plays that Max put on were laugh-out-loud funny. Well, I laughed out loud, not so much at the plays themselves, but at the great theatrical detail Max put into them: the train, the explosions, the swarming helicopters. I knew that the woman playing Rosemary looked familiar and it's because she played Jane Austen in Miss Austen Regrets. Awesome.

The House Bunny was disappointing. I was hoping for something on the same quality level as Legally Blonde but it was no where near that good. Boo. Once again, I couldn't remember what else I had seen Shelley in, and turns out she was Erica on FRIENDS.

The Selected Poems of Edna St. Vincent Millay was very good. I don't always like reading poetry. I like poems individually, but sitting down and reading a whole book's worth doesn't always appeal to me, but I loved this! The rhythms and rhymes are intoxicating! Kind of like Sarah Arvio, in addition to being excellent poems content-wise, they're just so much fun to read sound-wise.

Samsung Propel is excellent. I'm still getting to use to the sliding but I like it's full QWERTY keyboard. Has a horrible ringtone selection but I can fix that.

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