Monday, June 28, 2010

The Benefits of a Clean Desk

There's nothing quite so peaceful as having a clean desk. 
june 27
Even if 2 inches away the rest of the desk mess lives, at least my desk is clean. 

P.S. Isn't that a lovely wall color? Sadly it's a small room and the office is so full of desks that I think the color is a little too dark for the situation. I need a lighter color to open up the room. Right? Right. 


Han said...

At least you have a desk lol. At home I use my knees or the arm of the chair for a desk lol.

I want to get a desk to go upstairs in the bedroom but it needs to be low enough to fit under the window/high enough to go over the chest of drawers - or it needs to have a chest of drawers built in lol.

Katie said...

It definitely sounds like you need a desk! You could try to build one yourself or Ikea-hack one together.

steph anne said...

I love it when my desk is clean and not covered with bills everywhere (kind of like right now)! I love the color, why don't you go light/neutral with the walls since you have a lot of colorful accents?

Katie said...

I think we're going to use a very light blue in the office.