Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My First Craigslist Purchase

Since our house has an eat-in kitchen and dining room, I knew I'd be using the eat-in kitchen space for more cooking and storage space. Luckily I found the perfect island on Craigslist for $90. (It was listed at $100, so not too bad for my first "haggling" experience I guess.)

There's enough space for sitting, cooking and storing!
june 25


Sarah said...

That looks like a great find! Does it open on both sides? (It also helps provide a little doggy dining spot, too, which is cute!)

Katie said...

It does open on both sides. Very handy!

Maggie Rose said...

Great find! We've been looking for a kitchen island thing too, but it's been slim pickings on craigslist. Probably will end up going to IKEA.

Are you going to get some barstools for it? I can't really tell how tall it is, but looks like barstool height?

Katie said...

Good luck Maggie! I had picked this one out at IKEA: but the one on Craigslist was so similar and much cheaper so I had to snap it up.

It is bar stool height and we'll be getting some (probably IKEA) bar stools for it soon-ish.