Tuesday, June 29, 2010


me and my precious
Ever since Charles (my Nikon DSLR) came into my life, we have gone everywhere together. Even Walmart. Because you don't know when the perfect photo opp will appear and you want to be ready with your best gear. Charles compensates for so many of my photography shortcomings, much more so than his predecessor, a Sony point-and-shoot who was never even named.

(And yes, even Walmart has photo opps. One day I saw some crushed color ink cartridges in the parking lot and the colors mixing with the rain/oil puddle was really pretty. But my camera was at home. Le sigh.)

What Charles has in quality though he lacks in portability. His weight pulls on my shoulder. And while I feel more legitimate taking random photos with a professional-looking camera, I also feel like more of a creeper/paparazzi wannabee. (This might have more to do with my general insecurities than anything related to the cameras.) Unnamed Sony is much more lightweight and discreet.

When we were moving, I often left Charles at home and was so relieved to have my purse return to an acceptable weight. So for now, until I change my mind, my unnamed Sony gets to go with my on my daily trips.

My shoulders are so grateful, but my heart misses Charles.


Han said...

Can we nickname the unnamed camera (or is that unamed lol).

I keep meaning to nickname my car but I keep getting stuck on names lol.

Katie said...

Hmm...that's a good idea. What should we name her?

steph anne said...

Poor Charles! ;) My camera's heavy too and lucky for me I love big purses so I have more than plenty of room for my camera.....sometimes I find it a hassle taking it out to take pictures.