Friday, June 4, 2010

Week in Review: 6/4

We've been homeowners for a week now! And I really need to figure out what to do with all these gorgeous flowers in our yard. You can see more on my Flickr. Gardening plans are on hold though until the box situation is under control. In other news...

I do not enjoy science, but I'm excited to learn that scientists have named a pheromone after Mr. Darcy, you know, because of his effect on the ladies. This is probably the coolest thing science has done since the Internet.

Once these boxes are tamed and the wall color situation is approved, the crafty projects are rolling forth. This wonderful dry erase board from paper n stitch might be a good start.

Cute printable cards via How About Orange, including some "Just Moved" cards. I'm thinking we might do a combo "Just Moved/Come to our Cookout" cards in the next few months.

Your Wishcake might have the cutest crafting nook ever.

I might have to staple this reminder to my head until I've finished packing and painting and sorting and organizing.

The nice thing about the Internet and blogging is the realization of how we're all so much alike in some ways. Like how Lee and I have had this exact same conversation.

And oh sweet joys look what YouTube just showed me!!! (And what is up with YouTube videos not wanting to be under 500 pixels?! But anyways...)


Han said...

Congratulations still about the house - i know the garden dilemma - we have lovely flower beds but do we want to take up some of the grass for a veggie patch??!!

Mr Darcy pheramone is funny

Glee!!!!!!!! YAY!!!! (Okay so will they or wont they get back together?)

Katie said...

I feel pretty confident that Finn and Rachel will be together and they'll win regionals because it's a happy show, but still, I can't wait!

crystal said...

I just found your blog through 20sb and in the first entry I read you talk about Darcy pheromones AND crafts? You're my new favorite person, it's official. :)

steph anne said...

Just caught up with your other posts. How exciting to have already moved in your new house! I'm jealous you live on a street with friendly neighbors that bring you brownies. Two houses across the street from us are snowbirds so we don't know them. Darnit!

Katie said...

Thanks Steph Anne! Hopefully some nice people will move onto your street soon!